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Oracol Xor Official Mining Pool

Post by Labrader » Thu May 17, 2018 10:48 am

Fee: ZERO until June 1st!

User: your XOR address (here you'll receive the coins)
Password: anything (does not matter)
Payout: every 30 minutes
Minimum payment: 1 XOR
Algo: Scrypt

Available ports:

stratum+tcp:// start diff 128, min diff 16
stratum+tcp:// start diff 1024, min diff 512
stratum+tcp:// start diff 16384, min diff 8192
stratum+tcp:// start diff 112000, min diff 65536

All ports are Vardiff enabled. Please choose a port accrording to your mining equipment:
  • Port 2222 is provided for fun and for our legacy GPU and CPU miners. Please keep in mind that at the current network difficulty you will see little rewards if mining with a GPU or a CPU.
  • Use port 4444 if you have an older or a low power ASIC miner.
  • Use port 7777 if you have a previous generation or a medium power ASIC miner.
  • Use port 8888 if you have a latest model ASIC miner or if you are renting serious hashing power.
Your difficulty will be dinamically adjusted according to your actual hashrate, but it will not go lower then the specified threshold for each port. A little guide for choosing the right port for you can be found here:

Pool stats available at: https://www.oracol.mobi/minerpool/

How to mine:
1. Get the qt-wallet, command-line wallet or paper wallet
2. Generate a new XOR address
3. Use the address to connect to our pool.

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Re: Oracol Xor Official Mining Pool

Post by lusatian » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:00 pm

More bounty? - 1000 Oracol Xor - join our mining pool https://oracol.mobi/minerpool and mine 100 blocks (50 Xor each block). Post your mining address in our forum in the mining section here http://oracolxor.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2. Once the mining of 100 blocks (5000 Xor) is completed got to our blockchain explorer https://www.oracol.mobi/blockchainexplorer/ and post a screenshot of your address showing the 5000 Xor mined (Do not stop mining at this point - we will need to verify your mining address in the mining pool). We will send you 1000 Oracol Xor after we verify.
+2000 oracol xor
for mine 100 blocks and for get 5000 + oracol xor thanks :3

my addres
oracol xor.PNG
oracol xor.PNG (210.57 KiB) Viewed 1685 times

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